PRP in Buffalo, New York

PRP Injection Therapy

PRP therapy is quickly becoming one of the most accepted treatment methods for chronic and accident/injury related injury pain. The experienced Buffalo PRP Injection Therapy Doctors at RES Physical Medicine & Rehab can help you obtain relief from your chronic pain. Contact us today to learn how.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Platelet Rich Plasma injections, like those performed by our experienced Buffalo Pain Management Doctors at RES Physical Medicine & Rehab, are among the most cutting-edge techniques in pain management today, helping accelerate the healing of injuries and reducing the need for risky pain medications and other treatment methods. This method has proven especially effective for tendon injuries and forms of arthritis, but can be helpful in treating a multitude of ailments!

The thinking behind PRP is to combine the human body’s natural ability to heal with technologies that help speed up the healing process. Scientific studies have shown that the platelets in your blood release healing proteins that are called “growth factors” that assists in speeding up tissue regeneration. By directly injecting the Platelet Rich Plasma to the affected area, we are able to boost the healing process naturally!

Say Goodbye to Your Pain!

Dr. Mikhail Strut, an experienced Buffalo PRP injection therapy doctor, has spent years perfecting the use of PRP Injection Therapy to help ease the pain that comes with sports injuries, car accidents, work injuries, and much more! Here is a breakdown of what kind of injuries that our Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy from whiplash to torn ligaments.

PRP injections can be used to treat pain in the back, knee, elbow, hip, shoulder, neck, and even more. By using the safest and most accepted methods of treatment that the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation preaches, Dr. Mikhail Strut wants to help you take back control of your life from the pain that haunts you from day to day! Call today to set up an appointment in our pain management office in Buffalo, NY and say goodbye to your pain!